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&I know of no other skiing package that introduces the participant &to so much of the huge resorts found in the Austrian Alps. He &takes you off the beaten path to see, explore and experience the &most interesting and charming areas of this part of Austria. A &tourist on his own would never discover the unique trails and &quaint après-ski spots that Thomas knows like the back of his &hand. Thomas gives you a lifetime of experience skiing in Austria &in a two-week period that absolutely flies.

&The fun doesn't end after the day's downhill runs. Ice skating, sledding, drinking, carousing and other evening activities beckon. The ski tuning and exercise clinics are worthwhile and invite further exploration into the art and science of skiing.

I found the Austria Five Mountain Quest to be an excellent value. The Austrian skiing experience is unique because of Austria's rich skiing culture, which is more developed than anywhere in Europe or the world. The resorts are astonishing, both for the length of the runs, many of which will transport you from one charming village to another, and the variety of terrain. Any skier is sure to find the type of skiing he or she loves in these mountains, and whatever one’s preference, Thomas will help you ski better. His unquestionable mastery of technique and his ability to explain and demonstrate proper form constitute a highly uncommon combination among today's ski instructors.

I learned a lot about skiing and about having fun, Austrian-style, on the Five Mountain Quest. I left a piece of my heart in those mountains, and I will definitely return.

Peter Giorgi
Attorney At Law
Reading, Pennsylvania 



&For those of you who enjoy skiing and would be interested in a &taste of Austrian culture as well, this is the trip for you!

&The program is flexible. You could spend the day skiing or you &could roam the charming streets of the ski villages, filled with &shops, bakeries, open cafés, and friendly people. You could even &take the train into Salzburg for a buggy tour, visit a museum, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&church, a castle, or do some shopping.

It’s really a blast! The accommodations are delightful, the food delectable, and the superb landscape all make for a fabulous experience! Thomas will not only give you ski tips, but will show you the hottest spots. And for relaxation, order a cup of Yagatee, the infamous soothing Austrian drink, it’s an absolute "must", especially after a hard day’s adventure. I guarantee you’ll want to bring home the recipe.

So, if you can imagine skiing the Alps, seeing Europe, and having FUN, this one’s a gem. I highly recommend AFMQ! Without a doubt, I will be returning next year and for years to come!

Regina Lee
Vice President, Bank of America
San Francisco, California



&We traveled with Thomas Gardtman to Austria in 1999 and were &delighted in every way with the "Five Mountain Quest".

&From beginning to end, Thomas planned everything perfectly! His &choice of lodging, ski areas, quaint towns, evening activities and &side excursions made for a memorable trip. And one that, had we &even been able to, would have paid far more for, had we done it on &our own.

Thomas knows Austria and the region we skied, like the back of his hand. He introduced us to places like small rustic hunting lodges which reflect the Austrian spirit. His skiing ability needs to be seen to be believed, and he is an accomplished and patient instructor!

In the end, it is Thomas' personality itself that makes this such a fun and enjoyable trip.....you will not find a friendlier, more pleasant and more knowledgeable guide anywhere.

If you love skiing, having fun and seeing places that most tourists miss seeing, then go on this trip!

Alvin Kernan
Director, California Nature Treks
San Francisco, California

Lin Koh

Editorial Director, CarStation.com
San Francisco, California



&I have been to many resorts in Europe, Canada, and the USA. &Thomas Gardtman's 5 Mountain Quest is second to none. One &can experience firsthand why Austria is home to many of the &world’s top skiers and why so many people from around Europe &travel there for their ski vacations. There is something for &everyone whether you are an expert or amateur skier. It is hard to &believe the vast trail and off piste skiing that is available. Thomas' &guidance and expert ski and tuning instruction (available if one &wishes it) provide a valuable addition to an excellent trip.

One can also enjoy the old work ambiance of the surrounding towns such as Kaprun, Saalbach, and Zell am See. The many shops, restaurants, cafés and bars provide excellent food, drink, and shopping experiences for all. The aprés ski is something to be experienced; I can’t think of another place where you can party it up and then toboggan down a mountain side at midnight (just one of many events).

One of the true values of this trip is receiving expert ski instruction from Thomas who has schooled everyone from professional ski racers to novices. Simply watching him ski creates inspiration.

If you enjoy skiing and aprés ski, I highly recommend this trip.

Scott Ployer

Senior Software Designer
Cardigan, Prince Edward Island



Life is made of dreams, and some come true. I have always dreamed of& skiing in the Alps. And finally this past spring, with Gardtman Skiing& International, my dream came true. My expectations were high, as dreams& are, but the reality of this adventure proved to be one of my life’s best& experiences.

Thomas Gardtman planned an incredible trip. Fabulous food and lodging,& visits to different ski resorts and villages, ski clinics, and other activities& made this excursion so memorable, I can only hope to have the& opportunity to participate again.

Rob Rogers
Truckee, California



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