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About your host & guide - Thomas Gardtman

Thomas Gardtman will share more than 40 years of experience in coaching and instructing top level skiers, including skiing professionals and Olympic and National Ski Team members from Austria, Sweden and the United States. An experienced racer himself, he brings extensive knowledge of technique, training and attitude with him.

Thomas  served as head coach of the Squaw Valley Academy, a coach for the Squaw Valley USA Ski Team,  an instructor and coach for the Squaw Valley USA Ski  School and an instructor and coach for the Thomas Gardtman Ski & Race Clinics at Squaw Valley USA.  

Presently, he is directing and coaching his successful ski & race programs and clinics in Europe and the United States. Thomas  continues to ski the most challenging conditions and locations and is considered by many experts to be one of the finest, most versatile skiers in the world today. A native of Sweden, Thomas moved to Austria at age 17, where he attained his certifications and began his career as an instructor and coach. After coaching and skiing at some of Austria's best mountains, he came to the United States in 1977, making his permanent home at beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, surrounded by some of America's premier ski areas.

I would definitely trust him to evaluate my own skiing!


"His form, style and approach to skiing ranks Thomas among the top in an elite group of world-class skiers.

He has the talent to adapt to each individual regardless of skill level, communicating his message thoroughly enough to affect dramatic improvement in technique, ability and confidence. Thomas has some of the best eyes in the business and with his sensitivity to detail I would definitely trust him to evaluate my own skiing."

Six-Time World Speed-Skiing Champion & Tournament Of Champions Winner

Six-Time World Speed
    Skiing Champion


I would recommend you without hesitation!


"Dear Thomas:

We have produced episodes of 'Inside Skiing' from around the globe, and have worked with countless talented skiers, but your performance clearly stands out. I would recommend you without hesitation as the 'creme de la creme' in your field."

Executive Producer - Inside Skiing Television

Executive Producer


Thomas Gardtman is one of skiing's finest coaches!


"A clinic with Thomas Gardtman will take your skiing further than weeks, months, even years of instruction and coaching elsewhere. Coach Gardtman's teaching will dramatically improve recreational skiers, as well as racers. Thomas Gardtman is not only one of the best skiers around, but also one of skiing's finest coaches."

Former U.S. Olympic and National Team Coach

Olympic & National
     Team Coach


His coaching approach is based on what works!


"Thomas has a very good way of communicating which individualizes his message so everyone involved feels they have their own personal coach. His feedback covers the technical and psychological in a pleasant manner that draws out the best potential in each individual.

...He showed a unique ability to share his love of the sport to all his students and demonstrate a skiing style that was both elegant yet powerful.

He has seen many fads come and go and his coaching approach and philosophy is based on what works."

MIKE PORTER                                                                                  

Director--Vail Ski School
l Former Head Coach-PSIA Demo Team
Former Head Coach--Australian National Team

  Ski School



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