Specialty workshops


Ski tuning, base preparation & waxing clinic:


Learn to tune and wax from an expert ski tuner. Thomas Gardtman will share a wealth of experience in high performance ski tuning with you. Thomas has taught professional skiers and racers his tuning and waxing techniques and secrets for many years in both North America and Europe.

You will learn the fine art of hand filing and all about how to properly tune both base and side edges of your skis for the best possible grip and turning performance for different types of snow and skiing. You will also learn how to hand structure and prepare the ski bases for waxing and how to wax them for the best possible glide and ease of turning for different temperatures, snow conditions, and skiing. You will learn about different types of wax and how to select the best wax and/or wax mix for your skiing purpose and conditions. During the workshop, you will be introduced to specialized edge tuning, base preparation and waxing tools, and the correct use of these tools, which will generate professional results.







Our Next Advanced Ski Tuning & Waxing Workshop is scheduled for 8/31/2013.

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Boot selection & boot tuning:

To select the proper boots for your individual skiing style and ability is crucial for maximum performance and enjoyment. To tune your boots (correct shaft alignment, right amount of forward lean, proper flex, canting, etc.) is absolutely essential for accurate form, technique and turning ability.

Our boot selection & boot tuning clinics will give you the knowledge and tools you need to “dial in” your own boots for enhanced skiing achievement.

Please call 1-800-864-6844 or send us an e-mail at raceservices@hotskiing.com for more information about the workshops described on this page, other specialty workshops, and for dates, location and cost of upcoming clinics.

*Most of our programs (Austria 5 Mountain Quest, Ski & Race Camps, Full and Half Day Private and Mini Group Sessions, etc.), include the above described workshops and more.

Our specialty workshops are also available "on location", to private and corporate groups, ski clubs and other organizations, for 5 or more participants. Please contact us for further details.




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